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Silagra is known to exist much before Viagra itself. Manufactured by the pharmaceutical giant Cipla.


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Silagra Tablets represents a new generation of ED; this is an improved version of the original Viagra. As a result, the company released a better drug, which offers spectacular results, more securely, with a somewhat shorter list of contraindications and the more rare manifestation of side effects. Silagra Tablets are manufactured by the pharmaceutical giant Cipla. It has been approved by the FDA and tested and tired by millions of men across the world.

The active ingredient in Silagra Tablet is sildenafil citrate. The 100mg is the maximum allowed daily dose. Normally, it is recommended to start with a lower dose, so you can split the tablet into several various parts. The effectiveness of the drug is distributed to all the reasons for erectile dysfunction, namely: psychological, somatic and psychosomatic. It eliminates even the most protracted and severe disorders.

In addition to improving the quality and duration of erection, under the influence of Silagra tablet genitals become more sensitive, while feelings during intimate caresses and orgasm are more intense and deep. Even if you have a normal erection, but really looking to enjoy more vivid sensations, you should certainly purchase generic Silagra tablet online and give it a try.

It is recommended to take Silagra before 30-40 minutes of intimacy. The effect remains for 6 hours. Follow the guidelines for improved effectiveness.

  • If not planning to do sex, avoid Silgara tablet.
  • Intake the pill with a full glass of water.
  • Place the pill in a cool and dry place.

When should you not buy Silagra: –

  • Always avoid these tablets, if you are suffering any sort of lung, heart or kidney disease.
  • Don’t use it in case you have retinitis pigmentosa.
  • Avoid this ED med if you are using taking medicines that contain nitrates compounds.

Why to use?

It is the medicine used for the effective functioning of the phallus. The tablet is responsible for keeping the efficient intimacy relationships between the couples. Many times, it has been observed that men are unable to maintain and create an erection which leads to immense disasters on the bed. The pleasure multiplies when you are a master in the bedroom. In case you are trading with impotency, then you need to focus on this drug which will make you a master man in your art. At an online web store, silagra tablet is available at cheap and affordable prices.

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