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We are the best known for on-time delivery!

We ensure that all our products reach on time to the valued customers of Kamagra Wholesale Europe. To know more in brief, run your eye over our delivery policy is given below to simply read our rules and regulations regarding delivery order.

  • Preferred order mode: If you need specific shipment mode, inform us at the time you are placing your order.
  • Timely delivery:, We use the latest technology that ensure that your order is delivered on a given time and inappropriate way. However, we are not responsible if there is a delay in the shipment of your order due to some reason that beyond our control.
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  • Working days:We do not deliver the order on weekends. The orders are delivered only in weekdays i.e. from Monday to Friday.​
  • Order shipment: We make sure that your order will reach a maximum of 3-5 business days from the day order is placed. Although, we generally begin the shipping process within 24-48 hours, yet under certain situations, if the order is to be dispatched some other outlet or facility then it might take some extra time.
  • Address unreachable: If we fail to ship a package to your given location due to some fault in the address, then provide us with the alternate address for the delivery of your order
  • Address change: If in any situation, you want to change the address for product delivery, please notify us before time so that it is easy for us to modify the address while the order is still being packed or just ready to dispatch.
  • Customer not available: If you are not available at your home or the given location due to an urgent situation, or we do not find anyone to deliver the order at your specified address; then we will leave a notification and give a second try to reach you. On the other hand, if all our attempts fail then your order will be considered as void and you have to pay for the respective costs of packaging and courier.
  • Representative to receive the order: If you are away from home or the given address and are not available to receive the shipment personally, then please try to arrange an adult person who can receive the medicines in your place. Make sure the representative is ready to show an identity and age proof to receive the delivery.
  • Order withholding: If the customer is unable to furbish his identify proof, the company has all the rights to withhold the delivery of the shipment.

Shipping Information

We promise you on-time delivery every time!!

Kamagra Wholesale Europe makes sure that the order reaches you on time, and for this you need to go through our delivery policy to know about the certain items, conditions, and regulations attached.

  • We use all the possible endeavours for ensuring a timely and correct order delivery of the products.
  • We cannot be held liable for any delay in order the shipment or the delivery is beyond our control.
  • Your order will reach you within 3-5 business days and usually we ship the orders within 24-48 hours, however in certain situations when the order is to be dispatched from any other facility, it might take a bit longer than that.
  • In case we find out that we don’t ship to your location, you will need to provide us with an alternate address on which the medicine can be delivered.
  • In case you wish to change the delivery address, notify us on time so that we can arrange a separate shipment for you.
  • The medications are delivered in the weekdays from Monday to Friday.
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