Eriacta Tablets

A highly effective medicine to treat Erectile Dysfunction in males, Eriacta is manufactured by the world renowned pharmaceutical company- Ranbaxy.


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Eriacta 100mg Tablets are preferred by many for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Containing 100mg of Sildenafil Citrate, Eriacta tablets are formed in clinical conditions by Ajanta Pharma. Eriacta Tablets is a sildenafil treatment for ED developed by Ranbaxy.

It is a fast-acting solution that dissolves faster in the body and becomes active in just 20 to 30 minutes, giving men incredibly powerful erection that lasts for fail long hours. The medicine has been helping men for a long time to gain and maintain an erection, perform and last longer in bed. To be honest, it is a reason for many men to survive in a relationship.

Eriacta Tablet is an effective medication that treats Erectile Dysfunction in male. The active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate that promotes the flow of blood into the penis and results in harder, longer and bold erections for the satisfaction of sexual activities for a long time.

How to take Eriacta Tablets

  •    Before taking Eriacta pills, you should read the below carefully
  •    Do not take more than 100mg within 24 hours
  •    Eriacta Tablets comes into action within 45 minutes and last for 5–6 hours.
  •    Need to take this medication with a large glass of water
  •    Do not take heavy meals when you intend to take the Eriacta pills
  •    Do not drink alcohol with this medication because alcohol reduces the effectiveness
  •    Consult your doctor if you have severe heart problems
  •    Avoid taking it if you feel allergic to sildenafil citrate
  •    Don’t combine it with other erectile dysfunction
  •    Store in a cool and dry place away from kids & pets
  •    Eriacta tablet is only for men.

Common Side Effects

Sometime the user of this medication may experience some side effects like Slight blurred and blueness in vision, light sensitivity. These side effects are not serious and normally it diminishes when the body become accustomed to the treatment.