What is a Bank Transfer?

A bank transfer is an electronic payment process that sends money directly from one account to another bank account.

How does a bank transfer work?

A bank transfer works when a person informs their bank to send money directly in the account of another bank. This is generally done with the help of electronic banking.

Make sure you received the funds no later than 24 hours after the time the transaction takes place.

By selecting your country from the link given below, check the account details. 

Why was my bank account transfer declined?

If your bank transfer is declined, Always contact your bank’s payments or authorisation department and take more information from them. 

We will not be able to see the reasons for a declined bank transfer.

Are there any extra fees or hidden cost for paying by bank account transfer?

No, there are no hidden or extra fees for paying by bank account transfer. All you need to do is outlined when you create a transaction.

The only reason would be if your bank charges you to make bank transfer payments. If this is the case, the charge will vary dependent upon the bank and is not charged by our company.

Can I pay using someone else’s bank account transfer?

No, We need the money from your own bank account.

As a financially regulated company, we need to make sure the identity of our customers – and this includes the source of the funds they pay with.

In some cases, we can accept payments from business accounts. We may, however, need to see official documentation that shows you have the authority to make payments from these accounts before we will be able to release your transaction. If this is the case, we will contact you by email or phone to discuss this further with you. 

How long does a bank account transfer refund take?

If you wish to cancel a transaction you have made, please contact us as soon as possible. We may not be able to recall it after a transaction is paid out. So, it is important to contact us as soon as possible to minimise this chance. 

Visit here and find our contact details.

To cancel a bank transfer transaction we need a confirmation statement from the bank. Once the cancellation has been completed, a refund will be credited within 2 – 6 working days. This depends upon your bank. If you need further information on this, please check with your bank.

How do I pay for my transfer from a bank account in the United Kingdom

You can send the money directly from your bank account to our account.

Use your online banking service to send money. The payment must be received by midnight.

Important and crucial information needed for Bank transfer: –

Bank name: 

Account name:

Sort code: 

Account number: 

Important: If you choose this option, use the customer number as the bank transfer reference. e.g. WR012345.

Please note that UK banking sort code has changed from 20-27-48 to 20-27-55.